The Hope Gear

Closing my eyes and reflecting upon the last 28 days brings a smile. September 2012 has been the best month of my 39 years. And full validation of the “Pursuit of Perfection.” An amazing era of individual and team accomplishment, marred only by minor disappointment. I have much to be thankful for. And have many to thank. But just a few:

Suki- For making our house a home while I was gone. You’ve tolerated an absent husband and father so that he could find himself. I am found. It will take me several lifetimes to love you enough.

Rachael “Witty” Wittenberger- You are an amazing athlete. And you have the sort of gorgeous mind capable of turning physical agony into a spiritual, learning experience.

My Bike MS/Swimming/Trail Running Team- Misty Brawner, Colleen Parsons, James Trammell, Kimberly Boyer and Amy Livesay. I am blessed to have your friendship.

My Dad- I know that you are always looking out for your little boy.

That room filled with random strangers that never fails to make me think on my Friday afternoon.

The special people in my life are my Hope Gear. September’s lesson learned. The Hope Gear pushes me over hills, slices me through water, propels me forward. The hopes that others have for me provide the power needed to get me through what my body cannot. If you ever told me you were proud of me, you power my Hope Gear. If pressed, I could compile a complete list. And I remember EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Your kind gesture is why I am a finisher, and why September is my best month ever. While my bike and my body are often spent, my Hope Gear has never failed me. I ask a lot of you, and I thank you.

September closes with one more challenge– The Rockbridge Revenge 25K. Fifteen miles of glorious single track trail. My longest distance since my Louisville Marathon. Be ready Hope Gear. No doubt, I will need you again.