Dogs And Cats are Very Different

magstellToday’s contribution comes from Guest Blogger, Madeline Ann Lycke, age 10.


Cats are the United States of America’s most popular pet. They snuggle, take care of themselves and even sleep for two-thirds of the day! Did you know that the first cat launched in to outer space, Felicette, a French cat, was in 1963?! Cats also rub against your legs– that tells you they’re saying “YOU’RE MINE!”

Dogs are a friendly, playful companion to have with you. It’s hard to be mad at dogs because they have their own special way of saying “I’m sorry.” Don’t worry, there are different kinds of dogs, so you don’t need to have a dog that looks like your neighbor’s dog. Dogs will always to be a loyal, honest friend.

They say cats and dogs don’t like each other, but that’s a myth! Dogs and cars are fine with each other, they are just carnivores. Cats and dogs are very, very, very different, but I bet your cat or dog, or both loves you very much!

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